Hayworth Announces Attempt to Regain U.S. House Seat

Rematch with Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney looms

By Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong

It’s official: Former U.S. Rep. Nan Hayworth, a Republican, has announced her bid to reclaim the U.S. House of Representatives seat she lost two years ago, promising a rematch with incumbent Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat who defeated her and has set up his own re-election organization for 2014.

Nan Hayworth (photo provided by campaign)

Nan Hayworth
(photo provided by campaign)

Hayworth, a physician, unofficially alerted news media last week of her plans and formally launched her campaign on Sunday (Feb. 9) in Chester. In a brief speech and related online statements, she signaled her intent to focus her campaign on attacks on the Affordable Care Act – the president’s plan, passed by Congress, to provide basic health care to American citizens — and bread-and-butter issues.

“I am determined to restore respect for hard work and individual freedom that made America the promised land for generations of immigrants,” Hayworth said Sunday. “I am determined to assure that everyone will have their chance to achieve the American Dream.”

Asserting opposition to “arrogant elitists,” she said “Washington is deep into a process of controlling where and when and how the dollars we work for are spent. I am here to tip the scales back to you.” In a separate statement online, she declared that “anyone who lives in the Hudson Valley knows that our economy isn’t working, Obamacare doesn’t work, and the middle class is falling behind. The dysfunction in Washington can be corrected by changing the people in Congress.”

The 18th Congressional District’s current person in Congress’ House chamber, Rep. Maloney, has so far occupied himself with rounds of constituent visits and services, in addition to legislative activity at the Capitol, keeping overt campaigning to a minimum. His re-election organization has a Facebook page and online presence, where one statement contends that  he “gets results for his middle-class Hudson Valley neighbors the same way he got results in the Clinton White House and his own business – with hard work, not partisan games.”

Maloney, who served as an aide to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, lives in Cold Spring.

One thought on “Hayworth Announces Attempt to Regain U.S. House Seat

  1. When “60 Minutes” did a feature on the Stock Act and how politicians like Nancy Pelosi were making millions off of insider trading, I was furious. I was so happy to hear that a NY state representative (Louise Slaughter, Democrat) created the Stock Act to put an end to it. I immediately called Rep. Hayworth’s office to make sure she supported it. I called three times and each time was told by a staff member, “I’m not allowed to tell you.” My head nearly exploded. After the third call I said, “So I assume she’s not supporting it.” Her staff confirmed that. Eventually Eric Cantor watered it down so badly that Louise Slaughter publicly criticized him. His version allowed family members of officials to act on the information. (His wife is an investment professional.) Rep. Hayworth supported that version. I’m not about to go on stump supporting Sean Maloney but we can sure do better than someone who tells their constituents that they’re “not allowed” to hear what their opinions are. I hope another candidate will come forward soon.