Letter: Francisco and MacDonald are Strong Choices

I am writing to express my support for Matt Francisco and Donald MacDonald for Trustees of the Village Board.

My family was drawn to Cold Spring from the other side of Putnam County, and we settled in the village just as public debate over the Butterfield development began. We immediately recognized that ushering the project to a successful outcome, short- or long-term, would be a turning point for our town.

I trust Matt’s considered approach and regard his professional qualifications to be essential for understanding the complexities of potential economic and logistical outcomes for Butterfield. He has judiciously represented village citizens during this necessary period of debate and design.

Donald MacDonald’s qualifications as an architect and tenure on the Zoning Board make him uniquely equipped to serve on the Village Board. His experiences have given him a wide-angle view of the strengths and weakness of town planning and how changes could benefit Cold Spring residents for generations. Together, Matt and Donald are obvious and strong choices on the ballot.

Laura Kaufman
Cold Spring

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