I will be supporting Michael Bowman and Cathryn Fadde in the upcoming Village election.

Michael is the type of man who on Christmas Eve 2009 left his dinner to rush back to the Village and help put out the fire that destroyed one family’s home on Main Street and damaged two others.  He didn’t get home until 5 a.m. on Christmas morning, but still stayed awake to watch our daughter open her Christmas presents. He’s the man who on June 3, 2011 bravely climbed a rock quarry along with firefighter Dan Valentine to rescue a teenager when the helicopters and fire company vehicles could not reach him.  Mike is the kind of man who, along with a small group of selfless individuals, helped organize and deliver supplies to devastated families in need in New York City and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

Cathryn is the type of woman who moved to a new Village 18 years ago and setup shop on Main Street, and who through her own hard work has prospered and grown her restaurant into the success it is today.  She is the type of woman who not only volunteers her time, money and food to Fire Company functions, but she also will come back at the end of the night after closing her restaurant to help clean up.   She has been honored by the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Putnam History Museum, and her tireless work ethic is something to be admired.

Together Michael and Cathryn are the type of people who will work hard and respect everyone, regardless of backgrounds or differences. Cathryn’s background in hospitality and management, and Michael’s in emergency services and civic volunteering both lend themselves to fairness and openness, but also require the ability to make decisions.  There are a lot of important decisions in the immediate future of Cold Spring, we need to elect people who can handle the pressure.

I believe that together they make the best pick for the future of Cold Spring.

Donna Fiacco
Cold Spring

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