My Votes: Cathryn and Michael

So much of our life in Cold Spring is centered around Main Street. It is one of our historic and scenic jewels and at the same time represents the civic and commercial heart of the village. A place where we socialize, do business, volunteer, shop, worship and raise our families.

For the upcoming village elections, I am supporting the two candidates with deep experience in what makes our Main Street — and our village — so special.

Cathryn Fadde operates a longtime, successful restaurant on Main. She knows what it takes to do business in the village, attract and retain customers, employ locals, partner with public and private groups and she understands the importance of creating a business environment that serves the needs of both residents and visitors. She is well connected to the fabric of our community through her work with the Chamber of Commerce and has been a volunteer for many local causes over the years. With all the recent rancor that comes with every new village issue, Cathryn’s proven skills in hospitality will be a useful addition to the board.

Michael Bowman and his family have chosen to make their home right on Main, as well as volunteer for the Fire Company — another Main Street institution. As a lifelong resident, he understands where the village has been, how it has evolved and what it is capable of when residents work together toward shared goals. He engages with all neighbors — old and new — and believes in a government that is transparent and open to all. With a degree in historic preservation, experience on the HDRB and a deep knowledge of and passion for the village and its history, Mike brings vital perspectives that will ensure any potential rezoning balances the needs and wants of all constituents.

While I believe all four trustee candidates should be commended for their service and for putting themselves out there for our local version of “March Madness,” my votes are for Cathryn and Michael. They may be running as a team, but each actually brings a very unique set of skills and ideas — rooted in their experience with the different facets of life on Cold Spring’s Main Street — that will strengthen our Village Board for the challenges that are ahead.

On March 18, my vote is for Bowman and Fadde and I encourage others to join me.

Tom Campanile
Cold Spring

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