Ask Barbara Scuccimarra to clear up confusion

There is understandable irritation about the trailer post office. I hope that Legislator Barbara Scuccimarra can clear up why we have this trailer instead of a new post office.

Five years ago, during the time that the entire postal system was scaling down, a decision was made: Cold Spring could keep its counter and mailboxes, but all the sorting would happen in Garrison.

Cold Spring would no longer need a big facility, just a small one, and discussions could have begun about where this smaller space would be located.

Legislator Scuccimarra was arguing for “everything at Butterfield or nothing,” even though many existing spaces for postal retail alone could have been explored, and time ran out.

Village trustees intervened when they realized that Legislator Scuccimarra had actively excluded them from discussions, while proceeding with the chairman of the Planning Board, the wrong board for these talks. She was apparently prepared to risk letting the whole post office go. That’s why we have a trailer.

The promise of a new post office was a pillar in the marketing push for Butterfield, and Legislator Scuccimarra demonstrated that she wanted Butterfield to be developed more than she wanted us to have a post office and all the invaluable services it provides.

Please ask Legislator Scuccimarra why she delayed so long and told us that we could only have a large facility, one that had to be in a development like Butterfield. The delay resulted in a long, tough winter made more difficult by our tracking in and out of a cramped trailer.

Dar Williams
Cold Spring

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