Between a Place and Candy Opens at Matteawan Gallery

Jessica Weiss, "Little Devil"

Jessica Weiss, ”Little Devil”

Matteawan Gallery presents Between a place and candy: new works in pattern + repetition + motif by fifteen artists organized by independent curator Jason Andrew. The show runs March 8 through April 5, with an opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, March 8.

The title takes its clue from a phrase by Gertrude Stein, who over 100 years ago seeking a literary equivalent to cubism attempted in her prose to “banish memory” to “articulate a continuous present where writing recreates itself anew in each successive moment.”

Artists include Samantha Bittman, Jeri Coppola, Rob de Oude, Hermine Ford, Tamara Gonzales, Libby Hartle, Brece Honeycutt, Mary Judge, John Silvis, Andrew Spence, Austin Thomas, Colin Thomson, Lindsay Walt, Jessica Weiss, and Joan Witek.

Samantha Bittman, Untitled (Diamonds)

Samantha Bittman, Untitled (Diamonds)

The work of these artists should be seen through this early modernist lens. In some form or another artists seek to renew themselves through each attempt at the canvas. Whether consciously or unconsciously it is often through the use of pattern, repetition, and motif (or the combination of all three) that the artist returns almost instinctually to “articulate a continuous present.”

It can also be argued that if an artwork remains “continuously present” it is neither finished nor unfinished. Perhaps this is the exact state at which these artists have arrived.

The gallery is located at 464 Main St., Beacon. Contact 845-440-7901, [email protected], or visit

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