Letter: Cathryn Fadde for Village Trustee

Meetings of the Cold Spring Village Board often mirror the shameful sessions of the current U.S. Congress: obstruction, pettiness, inaction, non-achievement. President Harry S. Truman’s denunciation in 1948 of the “Do Nothing Congress” helped his campaign for re-election.

I sense the electorate is fed up with the snail’s pace and lack of progress in board deliberations on the important issues facing the village. Time for a change, yes?

I support the eminently qualified Cathryn Fadde for village trustee.  A natural leader, Cathryn’s record of accomplishment as president of the Chamber of Commerce was outstanding. She is a conciliator, not an Us-versus-Them candidate. She builds bridges to people, she works responsibly with colleagues to move matters forward to consensus, to resolution.

Cathryn’s commitment, passion, and practical hands-on approach merits the support of all village residents. I am bursting with pride at being able to call her my friend.  Go, girl!

Bill Hicks

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