I moved here eight years ago and love this community so much that I enticed my parents to buy a home here, too. I resent the implication by a vocal few that relative newcomers are not merely ill-suited for public engagement or office but that somehow our intentions are suspect. It’s a tired old trope, and one that the BOFA campaign is exploiting.

Candidate Michael Bowman likes to trumpet his long-time residency as if it were a prerequisite for qualification to be elected. He actually only moved into the village three years ago, which makes me a longer-term resident than him. But shouldn’t the qualifications we’re looking for include “experience,”  “commitment to public service,” and an “understanding of issues?”

Matt saved the village $18,000 in legal fees, is a guiding light in the Butterfield development (raising important concerns and refusing to make empty promises), and protected local jobs. Donald devoted 12 years to the Zoning Board and saved our beloved Tots Park. Both men are successful in fields (project management and architecture, respectively) that lend themselves to the issues we face. The volunteer work they do for us all demonstrates a refreshing lack of self-interest.

I’m not sure I can say the same of their opponents. Major projects are underway that will bring inevitable change to our village. Let’s make sure we trust our trustees to preserve what we love about Cold Spring and lead us gracefully, not kicking and screaming, into the future.

Ivy Meeropol
Cold Spring

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2 replies on “Letter: Let’s Make Sure We Trust Our Trustees”

  1. The misinformation of this election has reached epic proportions. It seems that rather then defend their records, supporters of the two other candidates have resorted to casting doubts about qualifications and their opponents’ records.

    The fact is Mr. Bowman has lived in the village a total of nine years. He lived in Nelsonville, just two buildings away from the town hall and about 50 feet from the Village of Cold Spring sign until 2001, when he moved to the Village of Cold Spring. In 2007, he moved back to his childhood home in Nelsonville to help his mother when she needed him (a very selfless act). Then, in 2011 he moved back to Cold Spring. Where have you seen Mr. Bowman make any sort of statement saying that living here longer is a qualification? He’s only cited his residency as any resume would, in order to give a background, nothing more. Regardless of how long he’s technically lived over the “line”, he has been very active in village government.

    As for his qualifications, Michael Bowman was president of the fire company for many years, a job that included planning for very large capital expenditures, like the half-million-dollar fire truck they bought in 2011. The tax payers paid zero toward this purchase, not a penny increased in taxes, because Michael, like Ralph Falloon before him, and every leader of the Cold Spring Fire Company for the past 100 years practiced sound financial planning and fiscal conservatism. Mr. Bowman is also and IT Specialist in his profession, which would be valuable to the village board. He is also capable of make difficult decisions and listening to all sides before make those decisions.

    Lastly, it is clear to me after attending both debates that Mr. Bowman and Ms. Fadde both feel it’s important for the village board to show complete transparency, where the other two candidates have shown that they don’t feel they have enough “time” for transparency.

    Yes, you’re right, we need to “make sure we trust our trustees.” I trust that Michael Bowman and Cathryn Fadde will not let the village down.

  2. How has Matt Francisco saved $18,000? He made this claim a month ago, and after two debates has not been able to offer any proof.

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