Band Honors Rock and Pop Favorites

River Of Dreams (Image courtesy of John Cozolino)

River Of Dreams
(Image courtesy of John Cozolino)

Some of the pop and rock era’s most popular artists are evoked around the region in upcoming performances.

River of Dreams was begun as a family band, based on constant requests from family and friends. One member “performs” Elton John while another does the same for Billy Joel. Co-founder John Cozolino says “the reward from performing is always the crowd’s response; it validates when you are doing something right.

Cozolino, whose favorite Joel songs are The Ballad of Billy the Kid and Angry Young Man also enjoys the comic element to some of Joel’s work. River of Dreams will perform on March 15 at Bluu in Danbury; March 22 at Tenampa in Croton; and Jun 21 at Monsic Grill in Yorktown. Visit for more information.

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