Cold Spring is too small of a village to be so divided

We would like to thank all of our supporters, family, friends and neighbors — “The BOFA Team” if you will, for making this win a reality.

This election had many ups and downs, and at times took on a very dark tone, which was incredibly disappointing. After all, when all the votes were counted, we are all still neighbors who share a common love for this amazing village we call home.

Clearly our community remains divided on many of the issues facing us. One of our major goals is to find ways to bridge that divide and to provide opportunities and a framework that allows us to identify and work toward the common good. This large but vital task is by no means impossible. We said it during the campaign and we mean it — Cold Spring is too small of a village to be so divided. We all need to foster a mutual respect for every resident, regardless of how long they’ve lived here, their stance on issues, or whatever candidates they may have supported — and we plan to lead by example!

We have many other challenges ahead of us as well. There are major upgrades to necessary infrastructure needed in the near future, aging sidewalks and street lighting, the need for a frank and open discussion on rezoning, parking, a crumbling firehouse, the boat club and the Butterfield redevelopment.

We look forward to working alongside Mayor Falloon and our fellow trustees to move Cold Spring forward. During the campaign we heard so many residents express concerns about the direction of the village, and feeling like not much was getting done, despite years of discussion. Hopefully, with the participation of people of goodwill, we can reach consensus by furthering access to an open, accessible and transparent village government.

The next few weeks will surely be hectic and busy, but we are up to the challenge.

We look forward to working with every resident of Cold Spring, and if you didn’t vote for us, we look forward to earning your trust and respect, as we have already with many of our fellow citizens.

Michael Bowman
Cathryn Fadde

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