Letter: Plans Underway for 2015 Winter Carnival

This year’s First Annual Philipstown Winter Carnival was very successful because of a strong partnership between local not-for-profits and the Town of Philipstown, and the support of many local businesses and numerous tireless volunteers. We all worked together, sharing our strengths and our enthusiasm, and the resulting event was a celebration of community and the beautiful place we call home.

As organizers, it was gratifying to have over 200 of our neighbors and friends join us on a bright and clear winter day to enjoy ice skating, sledding, snowshoeing and other outdoor activities.

Thank you to all the community members who collaborated to make this year’s event such a success. Plans are already underway for the Second Annual Philipstown Winter Carnival, scheduled for Feb. 7, 2015. With the experience we’ve gained during this year’s event, we know that next year’s will be even better.

Residents and local business owners who would like to participate in the planning and execution of next year’s Winter Carnival should contact Philipstown Recreation Commissioner John Maasik.

John Maasik
Chairman, Philipstown Recreation Commission

Amber Stickle
Director, Philipstown Recreation Department

Claudio Marzollo
President, Friends of Philipstown Recreation

MJ Martin
Director of Outreach and Development, Hudson Highlands Land Trust

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