‘House of Cards’ creator’s Broadway hit ‘Farragut North’ on stage through April 27

An inside look at the very machinery of the game of politics comes to the stage of The Beacon Theatre in Beau Willimon’s juicy and timely drama, Farragut North. Willimon, creator of the Netflix hit House of Cards, tells the timely political story about the lust for power and the costs one will endure to achieve it.

Beacon Theatre logoThe two-week run is in progress at The Beacon with upcoming showings at 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 24, Friday April 25, Saturday April 26, and at 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 27.

Loosely based on the 2004 Democratic Primary race of Howard Dean, this 2008 play was the basis for the Oscar-nominated screenplay for the 2011 film, The Ides of March.

4th Wall Theatrical Production executive director Christine Vittorini is co-directing the play with Ken Straus.

“It’s your opportunity to see how the inside political game works,” says Vittorini. “While we tear each other apart on polar opposites of ideals as Democrats vs. Republicans, these people are pulling the very strings of the political puppets. And all the while, they are climbing up and over each other personally.”

Vittorini notes that Farragut North is “not about current political issues such as taxes, gun control, women’s rights, dependent energy or any other social or world issue. It is about a game that very few participate in initially, but we all end up choosing sides in the end.”

In the play, Stephen Bellamy is a “wunderkind” press secretary who has built a career that men twice his age would envy. During a tight presidential primary race, Bellamy’s meteoric rise falls prey to the backroom politics of more seasoned operatives.

For more information, call The Beacon at 845-226-8099, visit the website at thebeacontheatre.org or go by the box office at 445 Main St., Beacon.

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