The Friends of Boscobel announce their Spring Lecture Series, Boscobel Style: Inspired Interiors & Exteriors for the 21st Century. Talks take place inside the Boscobel mansion entry hall. Seating will be on stairs and chairs, and a wine and cheese reception will follow in the Carriage House. Friends of Boscobel members receive free admission and can register at Admission for non-members is $20/lecture.

Peter Koepke
Peter Koepke

Friday, May 2, 6 to 8 p.m.
Peter Koepke, The Design Library
Textile Design Over Time

Like music or literature, textile design is an expression of its time. The patterns of printed cloth suggest a large pattern that contains them — what we may call the recycling wheel, which sets the motifs of textile designs on a circular road of eternal return. Koepke is Owner/Director of The Design Library, the world’s largest and best organized collections of documentary fabrics, original paintings, wallpapers, embroideries and yarn dyes.

Peter Pennoyer
Peter Pennoyer

Friday, May 23, 6 to 8 p.m.
Peter Pennoyer, Peter Pennoyer Architects
Fire and Ice: Houses in Peril and the Designs that Replace Them

This lecture will tell the story of four commissions for houses in the Northeast that follow Peter Pennoyer’s dictum that the best place to build is where someone has chosen to build before you. Pennoyer and his partners have an award-winning international practice in classical and traditional architecture.

Page Dickey
Page Dickey

Friday, June 20, 6 to 8 p.m.
Page Dickey, Author, Designer & Gardener
Some of My Favorite Gardens and Why

Page Dickey will show and describe a variety of private gardens in the United States and Europe. Dickey is a designer, author, and, above all, a gardener. Her most recent book, Embroidered Ground, revisits her own garden, describing the pitfalls, challenges and pleasures in its creation over the last 33 years.

Photos courtesy Friends of Boscobel

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