Sharing the Joy of Poetry 2014

poemlogoBy Mary Anne Myers

Today concludes our series, “One Poem a Day Won’t Kill You,” produced in honor of National Poetry Month. Many thanks to the 35 Philipstown and Beacon neighbors and friends who took time to record their favorite verses for our readers and to remind us of poetry’s power to affect us. Thanks also to Kevin Foley, Michele Gedney, Greg Gunder, Alison Rooney, Chip Rowe and Kate Vikstrom for their enthusiasm and help.

Note: Click on “Playlist” in upper left corner of screen below and then hold and pull gray bar on right to scroll through all poems.

9 thoughts on “Sharing the Joy of Poetry 2014

  1. Catching up after day four, each one of these is vivid and moving. Sublime, Jonathan. Looking forward to the rest of the month. Thank you.

  2. I am loving this series. Each day brings another beautiful reading or recitation of thought provoking and relevant words and ideas. And today’s contribution from Lucy Austin moved me to post.

  3. I’m loving your A-Poem-a-Day readings. They’re so wonderfully vibrant! You’re enriching the community with this daily infusion of poetry. Kudos!

  4. Thank you for letting me share this project with fellow wonderful poetry lovers and performers like Jake Holmes, Nancy Montgomery, Flora Jones, Donald McDonald and Leonora Burton, among others. This project was a joy to be part of and more of a joy to hear poetry live every day. Please do this project every April from now on.

  5. Thanks Mary Anne, Alison, and all for working on this heartwarming series. My friends and I have enjoyed these varied voices throughout National Poetry Month.

  6. A beautiful, inspired and inspiring feature. And what a wonderful way to see my friends and “meet” new ones!