Letter: Two Library Taxes? An Alternative!

The Garrison Union Free School District voters will be asked to approve an annual appropriation of $75,000 for support and maintenance of the Desmond-Fish (DFL) Public Library. The sum is to be raised annually from a tax levied on the taxable property of the Garrison Union Free School District.

In 2006, an annual appropriation of $276,000 was approved for the Butterfield Memorial Library, in Cold Spring, and is raised annually by a tax on the taxable property of the Town of Philipstown. All town property owners pay a tax for the Butterfield Library appropriation.

This Desmond-Fish Library proposition, if approved, sets in place two annual taxes for a Garrison property owner: one for the Desmond-Fish Library (collected by GUFS District) and the other for the Butterfield Library (collected via the Town of Philipstown).

There is no dispute about the value and necessity of a public library. Predictable revenue is realized with a capped annual appropriation.

Both libraries are important resources serving all of Philipstown.

As such, the Desmond-Fish Library is best served with community-wide support accomplished by a General Election proposition to vote to approve an annual appropriation of $75,000 from a tax to be levied on the taxable property of the Town of Philipstown. A fair and equitable funding method results with a unifying/unified community solution for Philipstown library support.

Dorothy E. Gilman

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