Letter: Des-Fish Has My Vote on May 20

About five years ago I suffered a detached retina of my right eye, which in addition to loss of vision, resulted in some pretty nasty nightmares and other psychological problems. For several weeks following corrective surgery, I often experienced very anxious moments, particularly at bedtime. The dark of night, in combination with the black curtain that had descended on my eye, did enormous harm to my psyche. Like a little kid, I actually feared the dark. I resisted going to sleep, sitting up until the wee hours, eventually succumbing, fortunately, to the sandman.

What helped me get through this nightmare was Garrison’s Desmond-Fish Library. Thanks to the library’s extensive collection of books-on-tape and Large Print editions of best sellers, I was introduced to new ways of reading books. I became wonderfully distracted from my temporary “blindness.” On weekly drives into Manhattan, I found myself never without a book-on-tape from the Des-Fish to keep me company. The library helped keep me on a safe and sane path during a dreadful episode in my life.

Thanks, Desmond-Fish Library! You actually deserve a lot more support than what you are requesting from your public. The referendum is next Tuesday, May 20, at the Garrison School. You have my vote for sure!

A grateful library member,

Bill Hicks

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