Putnam County Pushes for More Composting

The Putnam County Executive Office and the Department of Health are encouraging residents to take up composting to reduce solid waste, keeping it from landfills and incineration.

The composting process is relatively simple. Organic food waste, yard waste and certain types of recyclable paper products are collected and placed in a receptacle. The pile must be kept moist and aerated, which promotes decaying.

Compost piles work best with the right balance of carbon and nitrogen to enhance the bacterial action. Ingredients should include “browns” and “greens,” in composting lingo. Browns provide the carbon source, and include leaves, straw, wood chips and sawdust; greens provide nitrogen and include fruit and vegetable wastes, coffee grounds, grass clippings and/or manure. It is best to leave meat and dairy scraps out, along with pet waste. The more the pile is turned, the faster it will ready itself.

The PCDOH will have “The Earth Machine” model available (10.5 cubic foot volume) for approximately $55. (Retail value $109.) The bin will be on display and pre-orders will be taken at the following upcoming events: Saturday, May 17, Master Gardener Plant Sale, 1 Geneva Road, Brewster; Sunday, June 1, Birds of Prey Day at Green Chimneys, 400 Doansburg Road, Brewster; and July 25, 26 and 27, 4-H Fair in Veterans Memorial Park, Carmel. Pre-ordering is necessary. Visit putnamcountyny.gov/health or call 845-808-1390, extension 43164.

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