Gipson Announces Re-election Plans

Faces opponents in November

By Kevin E. Foley

New York State Sen. Terry Gipson (D-Dutchess, Putnam) announced the beginning of his re-election campaign surrounded by supporters in Hyde Park Wednesday, May 21. Gipson cited among his achievements the effort to reduce the cost of living and doing business in the Hudson Valley, and the creation of jobs through $1.5 million in tax cuts. He also said his commitment to education reform, and passage of the Women’s Equality Act are further reasons for continued support.

Terry Gipson

Terry Gipson

“As an Albany outsider, elected to the New York State Senate as a small business owner and local official, I’ve made true on my promises to work with the Republicans and Democrats alike to fight against tax increases, unfunded mandates and corruption. I look forward to continuing my effort to save our children’s education from the mismanaged roll-out of the Common Core curriculum, advocate for women’s equality, and make smart investments to create local jobs in Dutchess and Putnam counties,” Gipson said.

Among local government officials expressing support for Gipson’s re-election was Philipstown Town Supervisor Richard Shea.

“Senator Gipson is a new kind of elected official, accessible and approachable. Politics don’t matter to Terry, he is there for everyone,” Shea said. “In Philipstown he has secured funding for the Fjord Trail, which is sure to have a positive effect on the local economy. He has worked hard all over Putnam County, taking on the problems at the Pudding Street Taconic intersection and bringing funds for a playground at the Kent Elementary School. If you have an issue Terry Gipson is there to help.”

Gipson will face his opponent(s) in the November election. The Republicans and other parties have not yet determined their candidates. When Gipson ran two years ago he faced both Republican and Conservative Party candidates.

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2 thoughts on “Gipson Announces Re-election Plans

  1. Since this article was published, the GOP announced candidate Sue Serino as their choice to challenge incumbent Terry Gipson. It will undoubtedly be an interesting race given the candidates agree on so many issues. Serino recently praised the Gipson-sponsored legislation to increase Lyme’s disease health coverage. Serino and Gipson both worked to repeal the Energy Sales Tax. Serino and Gipson are both critical of Common Core. Gipson introduced legislation to end unfunded mandates (County Payment Relief Act). I am certain Serino would praise Gipson’s efforts on that front. Based on their similarities, will it be the candidate with the best sound bites that will take the advantage? Perhaps. On this front, Sue Serino has the catchiest slogans.

  2. Since my last comment, Sue Serino has posted on her website:

  3. That Terry Gipson has “resorted to lies. This isn’t even a typical political lie. This is a bold faced, all out, complete lie.” (What did he say that was a lie? I don’t see any campaign materials online for Gipson.)
  4. That Gipson has “set a new standard for gutter politics.” (What did he say? I don’t see a single comment by Gipson online.)
  5. She has taken to calling him “Tax-Hike Terry.”
  6. She warns that “Tax-Hike Terry can lie about Sue Serino’s record all day long, but if he is going to distort the facts, his time may be better spent lying about his own.” (What was the lie? Did he ever say anything about Sue Serino? I can’t find anything on the Internet.)

    I am totally confused by this political race. One person hasn’t even started the campaign and the other person is already denouncing the non-campaign.