Haldane Elementary School Principal Challenges Fifth Graders

The principal's challenge

Mr. Harrington’s younger brother answers a question as a challenger stands by

At the 2014 Haldane Elementary School Principal’s Challenge, Haldane Elementary School Principal Brent Harrington was challenged to play Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? by the fifth-grade students. Haldane Elementary School Assistant Principal Julia Sniffen served as master of ceremonies.

Unfortunately at the last minute, Harrington was unable to attend so “Mr. Harrington’s Younger Brother” stepped up to help out. Questions came from the elementary curriculum in the areas of science, social studies, math and language arts. A select group of fifth graders had the opportunity to pick the categories and assist “Mr. Harrington’s Younger Brother.” Those students included Arden Conybear, Andrew Scicluna, Jack Jordan, Shaye Martin, John O’Hara, Sydney Warren, Jake Patinella, Graeme McGrath and Everett Campanile.

“Mr. Harrington’s Younger Brother” did a masterful job answering questions. He credited his older brother with his success on the social studies questions since he had been a social studies teacher before becoming an administrator. Children in grades kindergarten through five had a wonderful time and administrators showed what good sports they are. There were many debates, especially in the kindergarten classes, as to whether “Mr. Harrington’s Younger Brother” was actually Mr. Harrington in disguise. The Principal’s Challenge was seen as a great way to end a Friday afternoon.

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