Soldier Kane
Soldier Kane

Jonathan Kane and Dave Soldier perform a set of Uprooted Americana. With Soldier on violin and Kane on drums and guitar, they dismantle the Blues, the Great American Songbook and R&B dance hits.

Soldier Kane will appear on Saturday, June 7, at Quinn’s, 330 Main St., in Beacon. Showtime is 8:30 p.m. There is no cover.

Also being featured is a “deconstruction” of Rhys Chatham’s seminal rock-minimalist “Guitar Trio” by The Lords of Tinnitus, an ad hoc quintet of Kane (who played and toured with Rhys and whose band, February, “covered” the piece on their self-titled 2005 Table of the Elements recording), Soldier and local guitarists John Harms, George Spafford and Joe Dizney (who played on the original 1981 Rhys Chatham recording of the composition). Think: LaMonte Young or Steve Reich jamming with The Ramones and/or AC/DC in a roadhouse … in a galaxy far, far away …

“Drummer Jonathan Kane knows from Heavy: He was the beat-of-doom in Swans and has kept taut time for minimalists Rhys Chatham and La Monte Young. Kane weds the brutal severity of Delta country boogie and Seventies German pulse rock – all dead-ahead motion and mounting detail, peaking with epic stasis in the cover of Rhys Chatham’s ‘Guitar Trio’.” — Rolling Stone

Photo © Bridget Barrett

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