Americans aged 65 or over will grow to 83.7 million in population by 2050, almost double from 2012’s 43.1 million. Will Philipstown be ready for the demands of this aging population? Today’s seniors question the idea that solutions lie in building more nursing homes or assisted living apartments. They want to be able to continue to live in their current homes and communities. Is this possible?

The answer to that question may lie in the concept of “Aging in Place” being promoted by the AARP. On Thursday, June 19, the Philipstown Seniors Club will sponsor a public program that explores the idea of Aging in Place. The speaker will be Christopher Widelo, Associate State Director for New York at AARP. Prior to assuming that position Widelo was Associate State Director for Government Relations and Advocacy at AARP.

The program will be held at 10:30 a.m. in the community room of the Cold Spring Senior Housing complex at 62 Chestnut St., Cold Spring (across from the old Butterfield Hospital). The community room is at the lowest level in the first building. “We are happy to bring this information to our community as part of our responsibility to educate on issues pertaining to seniors,” said Philip Schatzle, President of the Philipstown Seniors Club. He urges everyone to attend — not just seniors. “There are many caregivers who are affected by aging as well,” he stated.

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One reply on “Aging in Place Program Sponsored by Philipstown Seniors on June 19”

  1. As one who has finally gotten to accept “senior-hood,” the last thing I want for me is a warehouse nursing home or assisted living life. And taking care of a wife who has advanced Alzheimer’s, I have every intention of remaining in my own home. Dr. Lynda Ann Ewen has hit onto something by taking the lead in bringing this program, with the sponsorship of AARP, to the attention of the residents of Philipstown. With several day-care facilities, rightfully so, for pre-schoolers (my own grandchildren used one for several years) there is, and will be, a need for these young parents to have facilities for their own parents. I sincerely hope that, with Town and County assistance, we make this a model for the rest of the county and Hudson Valley.

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