Howland Library Looks to Strengthen Community Connections

Looking to survey residents who aren’t usingĀ  library

The Howland Public Library is taking their efforts to connect with the community to the next level through an outreach program that is targeting non-library users.

The library is conducting interviews through mid June with non-users by phone and face-to-face. The library is participating in a program through the Mid-Hudson Library System, a regional cooperative that works to save local tax dollars and the time of member libraries through collaborative efforts. Through the program, the library was supplied with a professionally developed survey and training to administer the survey.

The library is actively seeking people to interview through their survey. If you have not used the Howland Public Library in over a year, and if you are willing to give 20 minutes of your time to be interviewed, contact Alison Herrero at [email protected] or by phone at 845-831-1134.

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