Philipstown Garden Club Flower Show

As Time Goes By theme draws distinctive entries

By Alison Rooney

As one of the culminating events in the celebration of their centennial, the Philipstown Garden Club (PGC) orchestrated a flower show, titled As Time Goes By, at the Putnam History Museum last Friday and Saturday, May 30 and 31.

"Best in Show" awarded to Barbara Scuccimarra

“Best in Show” awarded to Barbara Scuccimarra

Open to the public, the show aimed to embody the purpose of a flower show as described by the Garden Club of America (GCA): “To set standards of artistic and horticultural excellence; to broaden knowledge of horticulture, floral design, conservation, photography and other related areas; and to share the beauty of a show with fellow club members and with the public.

Judging took place on Friday morning, and in the afternoon and honors were given in four divisions, each with multiple categories, devised by the PGC in accordance with rules set by the GCA. Many of these involved the interpretation, in floral design, of designs in other forms, i.e. quilts from different time periods, costumes representing different eras in Philipstown’s history and architecture in Philipstown over the past 100 years.

Other divisions covered container-grown plants in various horticulture classes. Several of these included Into the Woods for a Fern Foray! as well as Autumn’s Efforts, Spring’s Rewards and The Modern Day Healer.

Other non-floral categories welcomed photography, which had to incorporate plant material in some fashion, designs by novices and others by children.

An accompanying exhibit promoted heirloom varieties and highlighted the 50-year partnership between the PGA members and Boscobel, where they meet weekly from April to November to cultivate the herb garden.

Awards covered different aspects of gardening, from floral design to horticulture, conservation to photography.

An overview article published at the beginning of the PGC’s centennial year details the scope of their many local activities.

Full list of winners

In addition to First, Second, Third and Honorable Mention Awards given out by GCA Judges in each division, numerous GCA awards were also awarded including:

  • Best in Show – Floral Design: Elizabeth Heitmann, Philipstown Garden Club, Class 5, “A Stitch in Time”
  • Best in Show – Horticulture: Barbara Scuccimarra, Philipstown Garden Club, Class 33, Entry of Streptocarpus/Cape Primrose ‘Purple Panda’
  • Best in Show – Photography: Evelyn Lorentzen-Bell, Green Fingers Garden Club/Zone II, Class 6 “Working the Old Homestead”
  • The Sandra Baylor Novice Award: Lisa Rasic, Philipstown Garden Club, Class 5, “Tea in the Orangerie”
  • The Rosie Jones Horticulture Award: Libby Moore, Little Compton Garden Club/Zone I Class 21A
  • The GCA Novice Award in Horticulture: Linda Magnusson-Rosario, Philipstown Garden Club, Class 21B
  • The Photography Committee Creativity Award: June Eichbaum, Sasqua Garden Club/Zone II, Class 4, “Springtime in the Garden”
  • GCA Novice Award in Photography: Linda Magnusson-Rosario, Philipstown Garden Club, Class 6, “Garden at Rest”
  • The Ann Lyon Crammond Award: awarded to the Philipstown Garden Club, Exhibit designed by committee chaired by Karen Ertl/co-chaired by Anne Osborn

The Philipstown Garden Club also received the following GCA Judges’ Commendations:

  • Awarded for the Schedule (Judges’ Citation: The schedule reflects the proud history of the PGC’s heritage)
  • Awarded to the Children Exhibitors (Judges’ Citation: A Joyful Collection Will Make Everyone a Teacher’s Pet.)
  • Awarded to Philipstown Garden Club (Judges’ Citation: The Imaginative use of Stone Pedestal Tops Reflect the Vision of Russell Wright; Living in Harmony with Nature.)
  • Awarded to Novice Exhibitors (Judges’ Citation: The Novice Exhibitors Rose to the Challenge of Designing in a Teapot.)

The following Philipstown Garden Club awards were given:

  • Philipstown Horticultural Sweepstakes Award: Margaret O’Sullivan
  • The Philipstown Garden Club Centennial Achievement Award: Anne Todd Osborn

Photos by A. Rooney

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