Splash-in at River Pool in Beacon

River Pool at Beacon hosts the 11th Annual Great Newburgh to Beacon Hudson River Swim Aug. 2. Swimmers raise funds for maintenance and operation of the River Pool off the north shore of Riverfront Park in Beacon, open July through Labor Day. The organization is proud to carry forth an ambitious project introduced and supported by Pete Seeger.

The cost of providing a season of access to the River Pool, including lifeguards, averages $40,000 annually. Each swimmer raises at least $100 toward this yearly goal. The $60 registration covers event costs and the opportunity to swim across the Hudson River. In past years, 200+ swimmers and nearly 100 kayak volunteer escorts made the mile crossing. In addition to skilled volunteer kayakers and qualified jet skiers, marine units from Dutchess and Orange County Sheriff and Newburgh Fire Departments and the U.S. Coast Guard keep watch during the swim. Mobile Life Support Services and Beacon Volunteer Ambulance Corps will be available.

The River Pool organization’s goal is to preserve swimming access in the Hudson River. For the past seven years, volunteers assembled and disassembled the pool at the beginning and end of the swim season. The design protects those within from boats, currents, and entangling vegetation. The pool is open to all and is an important Hudson Valley resource for community and visitors.

Co-founder Pete Seeger led the way with efforts to inspire stewardship of the Hudson and his vision of a contemporary version of floating pools found in New York City a century ago. The organization used Architect Meta Brunzema’s expertise in planning the existing pool.

Splash-in is approximately 12:10 p.m. Rain date is Aug. 3. For additional information about River Pool, the swim, volunteering on shore, as a kayak escort, other opportunities, or to contribute, go to riverpool.org.

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