Exhibit includes 12 sculptures at six Main Street locations

A sculpture by Jennifer Smith at 164 Main St. (Photo by Michael Bogdanffy-Kriegh)
A sculpture by Jennifer Smith at 164 Main St. (Photo by Michael Bogdanffy-Kriegh)

Beacon 3D 2014 announces the opening of the Beacon 3D exhibit — 12 sculptures at six Beacon Main Street locations — on view now through Oct. 15, 2014.

Artists include: Emil Alzamora, Naomi Teppich, Peter Schlemowitz, John BonSignore, Ed Benavente, Lori Merhige, Insun Kim, Jennifer Smith, Sarah Haviland, Judy Sigunick, Geoff Feder and Tom Holmes.

All the sculptures are installed along Main Street.

In addition to the original site sponsor at 164 Main St. — Dutchess County Community Agency, Inc. — five new site sponsors have signed on this year along Main Street: 134 and 149 Main St., On the Square Apartments; 380 Main St., the Carriage Works Building; 427 Main St., the Beacon Building and at 477 Main St., the Howland Cultural Center.

For further information about Beacon 3D, contact Eleni Smolen at [email protected] or 917-318-2239.




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  1. Looks like some brilliant work from the Beacon and Southern Dutchess (SoDo?) artists. I miss you Eleni! and all. Congratulations everybody.

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