Garrison School students recently exhibited at the annual Tri-County Science & Technology Fair.
Garrison School students recently exhibited at the annual Tri-County Science & Technology Fair.

Recently, 11 middle and elementary school student scientists represented the Garrison School with exhibits at the Tri-County Science & Technology Fair, which showcases exhibits from Westchester, Putnam and Rockland County students. Students qualified for the event by winning in their respective categories at the Garrison School’s own annual science fair earlier this year.

Following is the list of Garrison School students and their exhibits selected for the Tri-County Science & Technology Fair:

Middle school exhibits

Alexa Gagnon, eighth grade
Biology – “Do positive and negative growth factors interact and influence a plant’s health?”

Eddie Joe Barry, eighth grade
Physics – “How does distance influence the amount of cell phone microwave radiation?”

Elementary school exhibits grades K-4

Tomas Struck – fourth grade
Engineering/Technology – “Can you build a computer out of a television set?”

Sofia Wallis – third grade
Engineering/Technology – “Wind Power”

Grace Vogel, third grade
Biology – “Flowers and Food Coloring”

Grace Gordon, second grade
Physics – “Super Hero Engine”

MacLake, second grade
Chemistry – “Alchemy”

Liam Flanagan, second grade
Engineering/Technology – “How Far Will it Fly: The Effect of Drag on a Paper Airplane”

Charles Rowe – first grade
Engineering/Technology – “Balloon Powered Car”

Elementary school exhibits grades K-4 – honored but not present

Leo Horton, second grade
Engineering/Technology – “Lift”

Zachary Smith, first grade
Physics – “Balls, Balls Go So High!”

The budding science and technology experts had to explain their projects to three judges without their parents or a teacher in the room. Garrison had the most elementary school projects represented; out of 17 exhibits, nine were from Garrison School students. At the end of the fair, each student was individually recognized for his or her efforts.

“We’re very proud of all the students who represented Garrison so well at this year’s Tri-County Science and Technology Fair,” said Garrison School Principal Stephanie Impellittiere. “At this event, Garrison students meet other children from the surrounding districts and have the opportunity to review, study and research what other students in their grade levels are thinking about in the world of science. The level of research and scientific knowledge on display in the exhibits was outstanding.”

Photo courtesy GUFS

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