Fashion Al Fresco

By Alison Rooney

It was fashion al fresco outside of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church on Sunday (June 22) with the path toward the church and the Parish Hall serving as the runway for the Fashion As Art II Fashion Show.

The event featured the work of several professionals along with six Haldane student designers. All the pieces were tied to or inspired by works of art. Some were even edible.

Haldane students, guided by emcee Kelly Cutrone, put the whole event together, serving as producers, photographers, make-up artists, models, stylists, sound engineers and set builders; many did double duty. An appreciative crowd oohed and aahed at each stylish look.

One thought on “Fashion Al Fresco

  1. This was a terrific event on so many levels. Plaudits to the students (designers and models!) and those who worked with them, not the least, Barbara Galazzo and Kelly Cutrone.