In July, Gallery 66 NY presents Form & Fantasy, featuring the work of two exceptional artists who approach their art from their own unique perspectives. While Cali Gorevic’s extraordinary monochromatic imagery explores the natural world before her camera, Polly King’s multi-media collages reflect a conjoining of the representational and the abstract.

"Untitled" by Polly King
“Untitled” by Polly King

Using wood and paper as her canvas, King combines photographs of mannequins, storefronts, live models, with strongly abstracted paintings. In one image from her Collage and Memory exhibition, a woman’s alluring face is teased from a dark, shadowy background, surrounded by carefully rendered blue accents.

Gorevic’s Soft Rocks photographic representations reflect a decades-long obsession with the rocks of Joshua Tree National Park. Since she first saw them, the smooth, red rocks have been transmogrifying in her mind, to the point where, as she says, “I knew exactly how I wanted to photograph and represent them.”

The inexorable vagaries of weather systems warn that relationships with nature are tentative at best, and can be fraught with danger. In Turbulence & Tranquility, Heidi Ettinger’s dioramas of disaster are the physical representations of the nightmares that lurk behind these idyllic settings. The viewer may stand outside the glass case, safely distanced from the scene of natural disaster transpiring within.

"Soft Rocks 2" by Cali Gorevic
“Soft Rocks 2″ by Cali Gorevic

Working in oil and pastel, Judith Kurz Foster paints landscapes, still life and portraits. Foster has chosen to anchor herself in representational rather than abstract art, because she believes fervently that the literal representation of natural beauty and the human condition will always be relevant.

Form & Fantasy and Turbulence & Tranquility will be on view July 4 through July 27, with an opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. on July 4. Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. Call 845-806-5838 or visit

Images courtesy Gallery 66 NY

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