Scout Troop 437 Camps at Constitution Island

Members of Boy Scout Troop 437 explore the Great Chain.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 437 explore the Great Chain.

The Scouts of Boy Scout Troop 437 of Philipstown camped on Constitution Island this past weekend, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and rich heritage of the area.

The gates to the island were opened for the Scouts on the afternoon of Friday, July 18. After setting up camp, the boys met with caretaker Roddy MacLeod, who shared his extensive knowledge of the history and purpose of the island. MacLeod explained how the mating habits of bald eagles are studied and tracked from the island.

The Scouts saw a replica of the Great Chain that was stretched across the Hudson River from Constitution Island to stop the British from taking West Point during the Revolutionary War. The boys hiked to Redoubt 7 to see the ruins of the structure and to view West Point.

The troop returned from the overnight campout early Saturday morning. For more information about Constitution Island, visit or call 845-265-2501. For more information about Troop 437 Philipstown, contact Jackie Hadden at [email protected].

Photo courtesy of Troop 437

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