Each fall and spring, Haldane’s Elementary Enrichment Committee offers a collection of eight week-long after-school enrichment classes. Classes are taught by area instructors and Haldane teachers, and offerings vary from session to session. Classes start the week of Sept. 29. Visit haldanepta.org for more information.

Registration begins on Sept. 15 (backpack in the morning, or online at noon) and closes on Sept. 24 at 4 p.m. Classes begin the week of Sept. 29. Questions? Contact Enrichment Chair Carina Frantz at [email protected].


Drama w/ L. Keifer:  3:10-4:10; grades 2-5; Fee: $90 ~ Come join us for all-new drama games, exercises and scenes, as we build on previous work and welcome beginners with fresh material. We will explore the basics of theater through movement, voice, scenes, and improvisational games, allowing your child to explore their creativity and build self-esteem. Limit is 8 students.

Explorer’s Club w/ P. Salmansohn:  3:10-4:30; grades 3-5; Fee: $70 ~ 6 weeks. Become an Explorer! Hunt for tadpoles, salamanders, and crayfish; build forts, shelters, and bridges; learn to use a compass and hand tools; engage in nature games, scavenger hunts, and outdoor challenges as you explore the woods around James Pond. Wear appropriate clothing/ footwear for mud and cold. While out in the woods, listen to the instructor and show respect for the environment.  Limit is 12 students.

Art Lab w/ J. Harris: 3:10-4:10; grades 1-2; Fee: $93 ~ Allow your child the opportunity to draw and paint their way through this multi-media art class. Projects are guided by the instructor’s experience as a practicing artist and teacher, but the goal is to develop individual creative thinking.  Student involvement and suggestions are highly encouraged in the adaptation of prepared lesson plans and projects. Let’s go! Limit is 8 students.

Comics:  Learning the Basics w/ C. Duffy: 3:10-4:10; grades 3-4; Fee: $93 ~ Students will learn what goes into comic books, comic strips, and graphic novels as they draw lots of their own comics and keep a binder of their work. We’ll explore character design, characterization, comics symbols, expressive page layouts and lettering, one-panel gags, mini-comics production, and comics coloring. No special drawing skills needed — just bring pencils and the willingness to try! Limit is 10 students.


Exercising Through Sports & Games w/ D. Dougherty: 3:10-4:45; grade 5; Fee: $90 ~ The objective of this class is to learn how to compete in a positive manner with an emphasis on good sportsmanship. Activities may include; kickball, flag football, whiffleball, four square, spud, and capture the flag. A different game will be introduced each week. Minimum is 8 students; Limit is 12 students. This class is held primarily outdoors; dress appropriately for cold weather. Sneakers are mandatory.

EcoKids w/ L. Berkley: 3:10-4:30; grades 1-2; Fee: $70 ~ 6 weeks. Catch frogs, make shelters, play games, and move like animals. Use all of your senses as we discover the wonders of nature in Haldane’s backyard. Led by environmental educator Lyn Berkley, EcoKids will explore the trails and woods around James Pond and experience the change of seasons outdoors. Wear appropriate clothing/ footwear for mud and cold. While out in the woods, listen to the instructor and show respect for the environment.  Limit is 12 students.

Minecraft Challenge w/ J. Reinhardt: 3:10-4:10; grades 3-5; Fee $90 ~ Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, here’s your chance to learn new tricks and techniques. You will have the opportunity to hone math and history skills, creativity and visual-spatial skills while cooperatively exploring creative worlds and competing in survival challenges. Please bring your own devices. Limit is 12 students.


Beginning French w/ D. Hird:  3:10-4:10; grades 1-3; Fee: $90 ~ Students will be introduced to spoken French through active and fun exercises where students play-act short scenarios involving easy dialogue. Silliness and slapstick will be encouraged. The sessions will emphasize development of proper pronunciation (including the quite dramatic and amusing French vowel pronunciations). This program will not involve any written work or homework. The focus of the program is to develop students’ comfort with spoken French, which is better learned young. Limit is 10 students.

Jazz Modern Dance w/ C. Rotardier: 3:10-4:10; grades 3-5; Fee $90 ~ Starts 1 week late, on Oct 8. This beginning jazz dance class (also great for intermediate dancers) will incorporate some modern dance exercises as well.  We’ll end the session with a fun combination and an informal performance for parents on the last day. Limit is 12 students.

Beginning Knitting w/ S. McKelvey: 3:10-4:10; grades 2-5; Fee $93 ~ Anyone can learn to knit. It’s fun and relaxing. Come learn the basics of knitting with needles and a round knitting loom. Learn to make a scarf and hat for the cold winter months ahead. Or create something of your own, like a cozy pillow or handbag. Class materials provided include yarn, knitting needles, round knitting loom, and crochet hook. Limit is eight students.


Computer Coding w/ McClusky:  3:10-4:10; grades 3-5; Fee: $90 ~. Students learn computer programming fundamentals, such as loops and variables, as well as debugging processes, by creating their own games and applications. They’ll also develop important skills such as logical thinking, creative problem solving, and articulation of ideas. Students must bring a calculator. Class involves a fair amount of independent reading. Limit is 10 students.

HVSF presents Intro to Shakespeare’s Theater w/ L. Brackley: 3:10-4:10; grades 4-5; Fee: $90 ~ Brought to us by the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, this class will use acting as a springboard into exploring language, gesture and physicality through games and activities. The goal is to expose students to this “almost foreign” language with friendly, group-oriented activities. We will experiment with what we already know (facial expressions, body language, and some of the words, too!) and begin to understand the rest through context clues and experimenting together. The student will be out of his/her chair, moving around, asking questions, and learning about their world through Shakespeare’s words. Minimum enrollment is 10 students.  Limit is 15 students.

Yoga w/ J. Zern: 3:10-4:10; grades 2-4; Fee: $90 ~ Learn yoga basics in a lighthearted way. We will learn different breathing techniques, new yoga postures, and some basic philosophy. Yoga teaches pointed focus and connection to our bodies and is a great way to gain respect for ourselves and others. Limit is 10 students.

Crazy ChemWorks with Mad Science:  3:10-4:10; grades 1-2; Fee $100 ~ With spectacular hands-on activities and stunning demonstrations, kids will both learn and apply the concepts, tools and techniques of real chemists!  Students will start by learning real lab techniques and safety procedures, then use these throughout the 8-week program to mix crazy concoctions and chemical combos. They’ll experiment with super-sticky-stuff, explore glow-in-the-dark technology, mix potions, make slime and grow crystals. Each child takes home a full set of Mad Science lab gear, including a graduated cylinder, a beaker-creature, a flask, an experiment tube, pH paper, a color-changing cup and more. Minimum enrollment is 12 students.  Limit is 15 students.

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