buff logoBeacon Underground Film Festival (BUFF) announces the second annual underground film festival to be held in Beacon on Nov. 8, 2014, at Beacon Yoga, 464 Main St., featuring innovative filmmakers and video artists as well as talented amateurs and experimental dabblers.

Co-founder of the festival Atticus Lanigan states: “There’s room for an alternative that truly celebrates media and those that create it. With no sponsors, no criteria, no judges and the ability to accept anonymous submission from the community, we feel we have the chance to help Beacon and those who have no other outlet for their talent. We are advocates of free speech and unfettered access to all media in an age where corporate influence is stifling the real voices of change.”

All submissions to the Beacon Underground Film Festival will be accepted and showcased with a no-censorship policy. Any style or genre will be accepted with no limit on theme or content. Film and videos less than 15 minutes are given priority. Longer works will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Overhead costs are being underwritten by The Beaconite Group.

For more information about the festival or how to submit work, visit beacon-uff.tumblr.com.

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