The Provisional Group of the Philipstown Garden Club (PGC) noticed that Cold Spring’s welcome sign area at the intersection of 9D and Fair Street was in need of serious attention. As a result, they recently turned that spot into a pollinator perennial garden.

Garden Welcome — from left, Linde Ostro, Max King, Linda Lange, Laura Klehr-Keyes, Mary Newell, Philip Giordano and Lynnette Rajala-Langton
Garden Welcome — from left, Linde Ostro, Max King, Linda Lange, Laura Klehr-Keyes, Mary Newell, Philip Giordano and Lynnette Rajala-Langton

“Cold Spring is so beautiful, we just wanted the entrance area to reflect that and also positively impact the environment by attracting pollinators,” said Linda Lange, a Cold Spring resident who spearheaded the project by coordinating with the village and NYS DOT officials. “We had such wonderful cooperation from those governments as well as the community.” Tony Bardis, owner of Habitat Revival landscaping, donated mulch for the project.

The Provisional Group worked on all aspects of this project including prepping and designing the plot of land, soliciting plant donations from PGC members, planting, and annotating names of the perennials in the garden. The group includes Marce Burke, Philip Giordano, Max King, Laura Klehr-Keyes, Linda Lange, Annie Mennes, Lori Moss, Mary Newell, Linde Ostro, Lynnette Rajala-Langton and Cathy Sapeta.

The garden was planted in early October and is expected to bloom from early spring to fall.

Founded in 1914, the PGC is dedicated to preserving the environmental beauty of the community by fostering knowledge of gardening and horticulture.

Photo courtesy of PGC

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