Missing Cat on Garden Street

Residents requested to check in basements and sheds

Petunia, a beloved calico cat, went missing on Wednesday, Dec. 3, on Garden Street in Cold Spring. She got away from a friend who was pet-sitting while the owners (also proprietors of Open Concept on Main Street) were doing a show in Chicago. Manya Tessler flew back but has been unsuccessful in her search for Petunia.

If residents near Garden and Church Streets could check in their basements and sheds for the cat, the couple would be grateful. Petunia is afraid of strangers, so if she is spotted, call 703-623-4045 as soon as possible; do not approach her, because she may run away.

The couple is offering a reward to anyone who finds Petunia, and thanks Cold Spring and Philipstown.info for all of their help.

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