Persons with science, engineering, tech, art, and math expertise welcome

Thanks to the generous support of the Haldane School Foundation and many wonderful community volunteers, Haldane’s new Makerspace Classroom is up and running, being used by both staff and students this year to embark on project-based learning (PBL) experiences.

While the space is already equipped with multiple programs and technology, the Elementary School Improvement Team (E-SIT) is soliciting additional volunteers from the community who have careers and/or core expertise in STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and may be willing to share their knowledge and unique skill sets with Haldane staff to help expand the use and capabilities of our new Makerspace Classroom.

The school is in the beginning stages of learning how best to incorporate more hands-on PBL into the elementary and middle school curriculums so that students will have greater opportunities to more deeply understand and apply academic concepts from the classroom to the real world. A makerspace supports exactly this kind of learning: It is a space where students can build resilience while allowing their imaginations and creativity to soar.

Those who feel their professional skill sets are in line with the makerspace philosophy should get in touch with the committee, which is soliciting interested individuals willing to develop a workshop for students specific to STEAM and/or multimedia. Forms can be requested and emailed directly to Principal Brent Harrington at [email protected], preferably by Dec. 23.

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