English, Peerna and Saulter’s workplace open to public

Artists Susan English, Jaanika Peerna and Cassandra Saulter will host an open house at their Pine Street Studios, 11 Peekskill Road. Wine, edibles, art and conversation will be served from 5 to 8 p.m. on Sunday, Dec 14.

Saulter creates works with recycled plastic. She celebrates art with purpose and a mission to save the world, one bottle at a time. To see her work, visit cassandrasaulterstudio.com.

Peerna is an artist of line and light. These days she is engaged in making freehand, straight-line drawings on mylar and uses them for making wall objects and room-size installations. At the open house she will reveal her new video installation as well as small drawings made with graphite and eraser. Visit jaanikapeerna.net for more information.

English’s current works are luminous horizontal sequences of assembled panels. Color, surface and the play of light are important aspects of the work. The surfaces are created by pouring multiple layers of tinted transparent polymer. See more at susanenglish.us.

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