Maria Pia Marrella at Riverview Restaurant

Paintings on view through March

"Croton Sunset" by Maria Pia Marrella

“Croton Sunset” by Maria Pia Marrella

Maria Pia Marrella’s paintings will be on exhibit at Riverview Restaurant, 25 Fair St. in Cold Spring, through March 30. Her paintings explore Marrella’s interest in painting the rich local and Mediterranean landscape from direct observation to reconstructing the spatial, color and rhythmical forces of nature.

Marrella connects past modern movements with the present — informed by Cezanne’s Cubism, Fauvism and the work of the late Louisa Matthíasdóttir and Leland Bell. Every work is created with a different approach to seeing the abstract and capturing the nostalgic.

Photo courtesy of the artist

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