Letter: Disappointed in New State Senator

I was interested to read, in another publication, about Sue Serino’s recent swearing-in ceremony, however I was more than a little disappointed that she’s started off her term in office by ignoring the very real problems of her new colleague state Sen. Tom Libous, who happens to be the deputy leader of the Republican conference. When asked about his indictment for lying to the FBI, she told the reporter that it was her day and walked away.

Does she think that walking away from every difficult question is the answer? I guess we know what the next two years will be like, and that is a pity. We need someone representing us and not the entrenched status quo.

Lithgow Osborne

One thought on “Letter: Disappointed in New State Senator

  1. I am bitterly disappointed that we have lost a wonderful advocate and the most honest politician I ever met, Terry Gipson. And to lose him for the likes of Serino in unfathomable to me. When will constituents learn to vote with their brains instead of falling for cheap empty advertising that corrupt money provides?