Haldane/P.V. Track and Field Returns to NYC

By Peter Farrell

Racing back to the New Balance Track and Field Center in the New York City Armory on Saturday, Jan. 17, the Haldane/Putnam Valley track and field team had 11 athletes compete in 10 different events in the Molloy Stanner Games 2015. Events ranged from the 55-meter dash to the long jump.

Marina Martin competes in the 300-meter race in New York Jan. 17. (Photo by M. Haines)

Marina Martin competes in the 300-meter race in New York Jan. 17. (Photo by M. Haines)

There were 10 personal records (PRs) and four Haldane School records achieved during the competition, including Marina Martin matching her 55-meter-dash 7.88-second school record from earlier in the season. Coach AJ McConville summed up the day’s events as “a great if not historic meet for Haldane track as we start to turn the corner into racing shape.”

Athletes Event Time/Distance Comments
Kaitlyn Philips 1000 3:21.19
Jonathan Clemente 1000 2:49.17
Ruby McEwen 1600 5:45.33 Indoor Haldane School Record
Nick Farrell 1600 4:40.59 Indoor Haldane School Record
Marina Martin 300 45.17 Indoor Haldane School Record
Lila Osborn 300 51.02
John Swartzwelder 300 41.05
Trevor Van Brunt 600 1:30.81
Brian Haines 600 1:36.05
Michaela Khadabux Long jump 13-7.5
Claire Campos Long jump 14-4
John Swartzwelder 55 7.57
Marina Martin 55 7.88 Indoor Haldane School Record
Lila Osborn 55 9.19
Jonathan Clemente 300 39.8

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