Cold Spring Boat Club expected to close in September

By Michael Turton

The final contract between the Village of Cold Spring and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) was approved by trustees at the Tuesday, Feb. 3, meeting of the Cold Spring Village Board and will now go back to the state agency for implementation.

In late 2013, NYSERDA awarded a grant of $75,000 to the village to update its Zoning Code. Jack Goldstein, chair of the volunteer committee that is revising the code, updated trustees on Tuesday and reported that the work will be divided into five components, each of which will include opportunity for public input. Goldstein said he “is really pleased with the work of the committee” and the dedication committee members have shown in addressing the level of detail required in such a project.

“The foundation that has been laid is very solid,” he said. He did, however, express concern that grant funds “are stretched really thin.” He said the committee will do all it can to hold the line on fees paid to the consultant. The firm of Barton & Loguidice is assisting with the project.

Cleanup to proceed

With Mayor Ralph Falloon absent, Deputy Mayor Bruce Campbell chaired the meeting. Campbell reported that officials with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) told him recently that design work for the removal of toxic coal tar in the area of the Cold Spring Boat Club will be complete in March.

DEC officials also indicated that the Boat Club will be required to vacate their building by September as planned, in order for the project to get underway in October.

Toxic coal tar deposits from a 19th century manufactured gas plant are still present beneath the Cold Spring Boat Club (file photo)
Toxic coal tar deposits from a 19th century manufactured gas plant are still present beneath the Cold Spring Boat Club (file photo)

As it has a number of times in recent weeks, the grant to upgrade portions of Main Street sidewalks and curbs again came up for discussion, this time during the routine review of meeting minutes. Trustee Cathryn Fadde asked that minutes be amended to reflect questions she had raised regarding a letter received from New York State Department of Transportation that indicated the village could lose funding for the project if billing was not submitted in a timely manner.

Campbell, who has been overseeing the project, said that there had been “inconsistencies” in the letter and that details regarding the grant “will come into focus” when he updates the board at a future meeting.

Fees and appointments

Trustees voted to approve a revised schedule for fees charged for various permits and services provided by the Cold Spring Building Department. The revised schedule, submitted by Building Inspector Bill Bujarski, had been discussed a number of times, but the final draft had not been formally approved.

Prior to the public portion of the meeting, board members interviewed representatives from one of three accounting firms bidding to act as the village auditor. The village has also advertised for a firm to provide full-time legal counsel to the board. Submissions are due by Feb. 6. Attorney William Florence is acting as legal counsel in the interim.

Appointments to two volunteer committees are also pending. Three of the five residents who have applied to serve on the yet-to-be-formed Ethics Committee have been interviewed to date. At Tuesday’s meeting the board also agreed to advertise for volunteer members to serve on the new Tree Advisory Board. Prospects will have until the first week of March to respond.

The village will also call for quotes as they consider appointing a plumber to be on call to address repairs needed on village properties. A number of problems have arisen at the public restrooms near the pedestrian tunnel in recent months.

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