Work Gets Underway on Fjord Trail

The Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail is a tangible step closer to becoming a reality. On Thursday, March 19, workers began clearing trees and undergrowth across from Little Stony Point Park at the northern edge of Cold Spring. The work marked the beginning of construction of a new parking lot which will serve the trail.

The Fjord Trail will run through the heart of Hudson Highlands State Park, connecting Cold Spring and Beacon while providing safe access to Breakneck Ridge — a recreation destination that has been described as the most popular day hike in the country

Fjord Trail Parking Lot

Photo by Michael Turton

One thought on “Work Gets Underway on Fjord Trail

  1. This is great news, though safe pedestrian access via Fair Street seems even more crucial than parking.

    What is the status of the Stony Point house? I had heard rumors that it was at risk of demolition.