Authors and editors helped students improve their writing

Haldane’s Eric Richter arranged for a group of his student writers to participate in the 28th Annual Young Authors Conference, titled Write on Time, at the Pace University Graduate Center in White Plains on March 16.

The conference was designed to celebrate the fact that every moment is the right moment for writing and to honor and encourage the students as writers. The students had the unique opportunity to work with professional writers and editors from diverse fields who shared their experience and skills. The presenters were there to help the students improve their writing by giving them insight into the ways professional writers work.

Haldane students at the Young Authors Conference in White Plains on March 16
Haldane students at the Young Authors Conference in White Plains on March 16

The students also had the opportunity to meet outstanding writers from other high schools. The event organizers hope that the students continue to commit themselves to the art and craft of writing, recognize the power of written language to explore thinking, explain feelings and beliefs, and to tell their stories.

The Haldane writers who attended the conference included Lucy Austin, Gianna Galazzo, Jonathan Clemente, Pari Ahmed, Elisa Phillips, Cameron Henderson, Dante Nastasi, Bella Convertino, Wylie Thornquist, Cassie Traina, Isabella Laifer, Sadie Anderson, Jack Cimino and Miranda Musso.

Photo courtesy of Haldane Central School

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