Haldane Kids Make Art in Rollin’ on the River

Grades K–5 learn printmaking techniques at GAC

Haldane artists in grades K through 5 participated in the Garrison Art Center School Invitational Theme Show Rollin’ on the River. The children used a plethora of printmaking techniques to create individual and collaborative artworks. The collaborative pieces were displayed at the Garrison Art Center.

Haldane Superintendent Diana Bowers, left, art teacher Jean Cendali, special ed director Jen Wilson, facilities director Mike Twardy, and Elementary School Principal Brent Harrington at the Garrison Art Center opening of "Rollin' on the River"

Haldane Superintendent Diana Bowers, left, art teacher Jean Cendali, special ed director Jen Wilson, facilities director Mike Twardy, and Elementary School Principal Brent Harrington at the Garrison Art Center opening of ”Rollin’ on the River”

The kindergarten artists used handprinting and fingerprinting for their river scene. First-graders made their entry, Sailboats on the River, using rolling golf-ball, bottle-washer and sponge prints. The second-grade river panorama involved broccoli-print trees, rolling golf balls and pulled paint. The third-grade piece, River and Fall Mountains, was created using texture rubbings. Grade 4 artists used wood sculpture as their medium.

Hazel and Dusty Berkley at the opening of "Rollin’ on the River" at the Garrison Art Center

Hazel and Dusty Berkley at the opening of ”Rollin’ on the River” at the Garrison Art Center

They created Hudson River With Bandstand and Mountains and printed on it using Koosh balls, roller printing and mesh printing. They also designed a bas relief wall sculpture, Abstractish River and Mountains, also using roller printing and Koosh-ball printing. Fifth-graders gave homage to Sol LeWitt with three projects. They worked on a cardboard-printed gridline river scene and incised line river designs on white clay and also on colored clay.

The student artists all worked together to create a giant Hudson River mural as well as a smaller one using all of the printmaking techniques they learned. The smaller work will be auctioned off at the Haldane School Foundation (HSF) Spring Fundraiser at Glynwood on April 25 to thank the HSF for their support for the Rollin’ on the River projects. Without their generous grant, the artworks would not have been possible. The students have been so excited by the printmaking projects that they will be exploring techniques after the show.

Photos courtesy of Haldane

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