Movement-Art Program at Howland Library

May 6 and 20 sessions on art, craft and movement

Children ages 8-10 are invited to a special Movement-Art program on Wednesday, May 6 and May 20, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at Howland Public Library on 313 Main St. in Beacon.

Ilana Friedman of Beacon Craft Workshop and Elizabeth Castagna and Sophia Jackson of move+play will lead children through a blend of movement and art. There will be two sessions. The library describes them as follows:

May 6, Stomp & Stamp
How do we move as we tread by foot? When we walk, what tracks do we leave? In this movement and craft class, we will explore these questions by stomping our feet with feeling. We will test out how our feet balance us and connect us to the ground. Then we will design our own footprints and stamp them to create giant artwork.

May 20, Energy Central
Each of us has a Slinky inside of us — it is our amazing spine, a long chain of bones through the center of our body. By moving our bodies and drawing on paper, we will play with the idea of our spine as a centerline. We will also use collage to express the energy that we feel emanating from our cores.

This program is free, however, adults must register for both sessions or one by contacting Ginny at [email protected] or 845-831-1134, ext. 103.

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