Why I’m Running: Charles Hustis

Hopes to offer fresh perspective as Haldane board member

I am announcing my candidacy for the Haldane Board of Education because I feel there is a need for a new set of eyes and a fresh perspective to help serve the entire district. My time on the Village of Cold Spring Board of Trustees (2010–2014) gave me the opportunity to see firsthand how the different levels of government operate, as well as how different state agencies operate with our hardworking tax dollars. Along with that service, I have had the opportunity to work in the district as a paid substitute teacher, which has been a wonderful experience to see how the future generation of thinkers are developing and getting ready for the challenges of the real world, which at times looks real ugly.

Charles Hustis III

Charles Hustis III

Infrastructure upgrades are going to have to be investigated and research into possible and available grants to help costs for these necessary infrastructure upgrades. The Board of Education has a responsibility to the taxpayers of the district that all generated tax dollars that come via the property tax calculations are used in a way that maintains efficiency throughout the district, as well as dealing with possible issues that arise.

Going through the district and talking to parents and others, the issue of drug and alcohol use is a growing concern. There have been too many good, decent children who have unfortunately passed away due to heroin and other drug use and that is very sad to see. We as an entire district have a challenge on our hands to deal with this very serious issue and be there to support all children and provide positivity.

Finances, specifically how to best spend tax dollars from hardworking people is a challenge to any board of education. Tough business decisions are going to have to be made down the road in order to see that the entire district is providing the best education for those children who are working to become better citizens and have a chance to make a decent living in a tough business market. Haldane does a very good job giving their students a broad exposure to different areas of interest.

I welcome the opportunity to serve you, the people of the Haldane Central School District, and I ask for your support on May 19. Please get out and support your choices for trustee, as well as casting support for the budget proposal brought before you on the ballot. This budget was worked on for quite some time and it deserves support.

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