Why I’m Running: Peggy Clements

Devoted to working on Haldane board to improve public education

The community is lucky to have so many thoughtful, generous and dedicated people running for the three board of education trustee positions. Each of us has lived here for at least a decade, has been a parent or student in the district and has many of the skills necessary to be an effective board member. We all value the schools and want to work hard to help make them the best they can be. I’d like to take this opportunity to describe the knowledge and skills that I’d bring to the position.

Peggy Clements

Peggy Clements

I’ve worked as a researcher focusing on children’s development and education for over 25 years. One of my first jobs after graduating from college in the 1980s was as a research assistant at Bank Street College of Education. While there, I worked on some of earliest studies looking at classroom computer use. Within a couple of years I knew that I wanted to continue working as a researcher and went to graduate school at New York University where I earned a Ph.D. in psychology.

I’m currently a senior research scientist at Education Development Center. Every day I work with diverse groups of educators, policy makers and researchers to identify problems in education, propose solutions and investigate whether those solutions are likely to benefit children. The studies address a range of topics, for example: What kinds of assessments provide teachers with useful information? Is online learning a good way to expand rural students’ access to advanced math courses? What are effective ways to teach young children math?

My work requires that I know a lot about the types of academic and social experiences children need to succeed. I pay close attention to education policy and program developments, as well as the controversies that surround them.

My husband and I have volunteered at Haldane in many ways over the years. This year I served on a subcommittee with Haldane staff, administrators and other parents as part of the district’s strategic planning initiative. It was exciting to see how invested we all are in supporting the district as it strives to provide the best possible education, one that addresses all aspects of children’s well-being.

Recent Haldane boards of education have done a great job under difficult circumstances. They have worked hard for the community and our children by hiring excellent administrators, negotiating difficult financial circumstances and identifying places where the district can make smart investments. Under the best of circumstances this is hard work. The current contentious education climate makes it more difficult. I believe my skills and knowledge would make me a valuable and effective board trustee as the district works to continue improving.

I love my work and am devoted to working with others to improve public education for children around the country. I’d be honored to have the opportunity to use what I know to support my community’s schools.

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