Parrott Street Fire

Family escapes but loses home

By Kevin E. Foley

Local residents were reminded anew of the critical importance of volunteer firefighters when an emergency call went out, sirens blared and smoke wafted through Parrott Street in Cold Spring late Monday afternoon (May 18).

The incident was a fire at 54 Parrott St., a private one-family residence in a neighborhood of houses fairly close together as with much of the village.

The Cold Spring Fire Company was first on the scene at approximately 4 p.m. By then the Santos family, mother and children, had safely evacuated their home.

Anxious neighbors stood by offering what comfort they could to the victims, while worrying about a possible spread of the flames to other homes.

Before long, companies from North Highlands, Garrison, Putnam Valley and a large ladder truck from the Fishkill Fire Company joined the mutual aid effort to put out a stubborn fire that appeared to make a total wreck of the house.

By 5:30 p.m., the fire appeared under control as firefighters entered the structure with an array of power saws, axes and claws to root out hidden flames or smoldering wood.

Until the donation needs of the family are made clear, what is most needed is donations of gift certificate cards to local stores: Foodtown, ShopRite, Wal-Mart, etc., and/or cash donations, so that they can purchase what they need most. Checks made out to “Melissa and Darrin Santos” may be mailed c/o the Philipstown Little Leagues addresss: P.O. Box 347, Cold Spring, NY 10516, or dropped off at the collection points of 134 East Mountain Road South and 26 Bank St. Further information on possible clothing and supplies most needed will be published here as it is obtained.

Photos and video by K.E. Foley

4 thoughts on “Parrott Street Fire

  1. Perhaps you can let us know the cause of the fire. Everyone’s worst nightmare!

  2. Upset and my deepest condolences that this tragic house fire happened to The Santos family. They have gone through to much with in these close years. Mrs. Santos is beating cancer. Mr. Santos just lost his mother in a horrific car accident and father is rehabilitating and saved. Please continue to pray that this beautiful family get all the support they deserve. My sincere blessing.

  3. Thoughts and prayers to the Santos family. The volunteer firefighter’s from the departments that responded are some of the best trained and most dedicated in the area. Unfortunately, some fires just prove to be very hard to extinguish. Without a doubt very frustrating for them and very sad for the family.

  4. What a tragedy. Times are hard for everyone but the Santos family is welcome to come to the food pantry here in Cold Spring at 10 Academy street to get some groceries.