Four Confirmed at First Presbyterian

Confirmands read statesments of faith

On Sunday, May 17, the First Presbyterian Church of Philipstown welcomed this year’s confirmation class as members, Cold Spring residents Riley Johanson, Julie Geller, Molly Reid and Riley Bissinger.

The confirmands and Rev. Leslie Mott led the worship service in which they shared experiences from their recent Midnight Run and read a scripture drama based on their retreat study about Jesus and the Woman at the Well. It was also “Jazz Sunday,” in which Tom McCoy, Lisa Sabin and the jazz combo of Ed Xiques, Lew Scott, Gareth Guest and Mike LaRocco provided music for the service.

The confirmands read their statements of faith interspersed with verses of the Duke Ellington tune Something ‘Bout Believing, which also featured the church’s Chancel Choir. A celebratory luncheon with catering from B&L Deli was shared by the congregation and visitors following the service.

Photo courtesy of First Presbyterian Church of Philipstown

Riley Johanson, left, Julie Geller, Molly Reid and Riley Bissinger

Riley Johanson, left, Julie Geller, Molly Reid and Riley Bissinger


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