Letter: Code Update Disappointment

Regarding the recent Village Board/Code Update Committee controversy: While I fully support the current village elected officials in their efforts, I must express my disappointment in the mayor’s recent decision regarding the Code Update Committee consultant. It seems that for no constructive reason at all, the mayor has decided to rescind a previous administration’s agreement to utilize a properly bid consultant (B&L). B&L, having worked with the committee for six months, is now considering their options for redress.

Ironically, the action the mayor is now taking is very similar to the wrong that he says he is trying to correct: an unfair change from one consultant to another.

Because the result of this change will be the same as the previous situation — one consultant who is very unhappy — one has to wonder what the original motivation was. Could it be settling political scores at the expense of the village’s business?

I can guarantee that the mayor’s job would have been much easier, the reputation of the board much better and the progress of the Code Update Committee much smoother if this issue remained ancient history. I would like to give kudos to Trustee Fadde for her voice of reason, and I’d like to encourage Trustee Early and Trustee Murphy to think more independently and be willing to challenge the prevailing sentiment if it’s obviously in the village’s favor.

Rich Franco
Cold Spring

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