Floral Displays Accentuate PGC Silent Auction

The Philipstown Garden Club held its annual party and silent auction on June 5 at Boscobel. The Garden Club has maintained Boscobel’s herb garden since the 1960s.

The Garden Club event (photo by Ryan Gaviria)

The Garden Club event (photo by Ryan Gaviria)

To show appreciation for their efforts and contributions to the Hudson Valley environment and specifically to the maintenance and upkeep of Boscobel’s Herb Garden — one of its most appealing attractions — Executive Director Steve Miller recently presented the PGC with a $2,000 check.

Steven Miller, Boscobel executive director, presents a check to Anne Endler, president of Philipstown Garden Club, amid beds of flax, sage, lemon verbena and more — all tended by the PGC for the past 50-plus years. Photo courtesy of Boscobel

Steven Miller, Boscobel executive director, presents a check to Anne Endler, president of Philipstown Garden Club, amid beds of flax, sage, lemon verbena and more — all tended by the PGC for the past 50-plus years. (Photo courtesy of Boscobel)

“Our partnership with the Philipstown Garden Club is deeply valued,” Miller said. “Every Tuesday when I look out my office window, I see their members diligently tending what is certainly an endearing part of Boscobel’s outdoor exhibits. Our visitors find the herb garden a special treat as there are few, if any, like it in the area. The Philipstown Garden Club is a leading contributor to what makes Boscobel so unique and inviting, so we thank them for all their hard work and dedication to our garden’s health and beauty.”

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