Class of 2019 to Enter West Point June 29

New cadets will enroll at U.S. Military Academy

Approximately 1,270 cadet candidates, including women, minorities, international cadets and 13 combat veterans, will report to West Point Monday, June 29, Reception Day, for the West Point Class of 2019.

The incoming class was selected from a pool of nearly 16,000 applicants. There are 280 women, who comprise 22 percent of the class. Minority enrollment, roughly 33 percent, includes 189 African-Americans, 93 Asian-Americans, 119 Hispanic Americans and 10 Native Americans.

The Class of 2019 includes cadets from every state in the nation and 17 international cadets entering the class under the sponsorship of their respective countries. The countries represented include Bangladesh, Guyana, Mongolia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Malaysia, Pakistan (two), Panama, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Tanzania, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Upon graduation, these cadets will return to their respective countries as officers in their armed forces.

New cadets will complete six weeks of cadet basic training, learning the basic skills of the soldier. They will participate in rigorous physical training, small-unit tactical training and rifle marksmanship, as well as learning to respond quickly and accurately to their commanders under conditions of mental and physical stress. At the end of this initial training period, new cadets will be formally accepted into the Corps of Cadets. The Acceptance Day Parade for the Class of 2019 is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 15, at 10 a.m.

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